NOMAS Tiny Houses are specially designed by engineers and design team, each specialized in their own field.

  • It has the O2 EUROPEAN TYPE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE issued by the SWEDEN Transport Administration. It is produced in accordance with the 2018/858 Trailer Regulation of Highways.
  • It can be towed without any problem on Turkish and European highways.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Structural Steel Construction is used instead of Black Sheet in the manufacture of our trailers.
  • CE certified AL-KO / KNOTT Brand 3.500 Kg Carrying Capacity Torsion Double Axle system and components are used.
  • NOMAS Tiny Houses on Wheels have license plate and caravan status. Since it does not require zoning, you can move it wherever you want.
  • In the license, O2 double axle semi-trailer/trailer is referred to as CARAVAN.

    NOMAS production Tiny House STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS;
    It is produced in computer-controlled, fully automatic Rollform Lines, with SOURCELESS construction technology.

  • Instead of Dyed Black Hair with a Risk of Rust or Wood with a Risk of Rotting; It consists of GALVANIZED STRUCTURAL STEEL CONSTRUCTION profiles with HIGH CORROSION RESISTANCE.

    Sipariş Ver