Frequently Asked Questions
Which model should I choose?

Each of our Tiny House models is prepared according to different needs and expectations. You can review our mobile or fixed models to choose from among our models, or you can contact us by calling +90 530 936 60 92 for us to design the tiny house of your dreams.

What technologies are Nomas Tiny Houses produced with?

Nomas-made trailers; It has the O2 EUROPEAN TYPE APPROVAL CERTIFICATE issued by the Swedish Transport Administration. It is produced in accordance with the 2018/858 Trailer Regulation of Highways. It can be towed without any problem on Turkish and European highways. Hot dip galvanized structural steel construction is used instead of black sheet metal in the manufacture of our trailers.

CE certified AL-KO/KNOTT brand torsion double axle system and components with a carrying capacity of 3,500 kg are used.

Nomas wheeled tiny houses have license plate and caravan status. Since it does not require zoning, you can move it wherever you want. O2 is included in the license as a double axle semi-trailer/caravan. Tiny house steel constructions produced by Nomas are produced on computer controlled fully automatic rollform lines with weldless construction technology.

Instead of painted black hair, which is at risk of rust, or wood, which is at risk of rotting; It consists of galvanized structural steel construction profiles with high corrosion resistance. Nomas Tiny Houses are specially designed by our engineers and design team, each specialized in their own field.

How we deliver?

Our products are delivered to the address you specify by Apec shipping vehicles. If you wish, you can also receive it yourself from our Apec / Taşköprü production facility.

Can Nomas Tiny House be used on undeveloped land?

Our trailer products have license plates and licenses. In this way, you will not be subject to the zoning law in any way, and you can use it on all kinds of land with or without zoning without requiring permission. Nomas Tiny Houses without trailers are subject to the zoning regulations of the municipality in the region where they will be established.

Will I pay motor vehicle tax? How much is the inspection fee?

As Nomas Tiny House is non-motorized, it is not subject to Motor Vehicles Tax. You do not pay any tax other than VAT. Annual inspection fee is 507 TL.

How will the license plate and license procedures be done?

When you buy our products, we issue your license and plate on your behalf and deliver them with your product.

Do I need a special license or permit to hit the road?

Our trailer products can be towed with a BE class license. It is recommended that the trailer towing vehicle has a 2.5-liter engine volume and a pickup style. It is important for the driver to have good driving skills, as the products are heavy and bulky.

For models with trailers, there are limited dimensions in accordance with the Highway Regulations. Its weight does not exceed 3.5 tons. It can vary between 3.5m and 10m in length with the width remaining constant at 2.55. Apec can deliver to the shipping address without any gauge limit, by taking special safety and road precautions for models without trailers.

Are Nomas Tiny Houses guaranteed?

Nomas Tiny House products are guaranteed for 2 years against defects in material and workmanship. Steel construction life is about 100-150 years.

Will I be able to make water and electricity connections?

Yes. In our tiny houses, the power line is arranged as a 220V package. You can connect directly to the city mains electricity. It is also possible to meet your electricity needs with optional solar panels. For waste and clean water connection, you can connect to the city mains line and optionally, you can supply clean and waste water tanks.

Do you have financial solutions for those who want to buy?

Banks offer a variety of financing options.

What are the prices of Nomas Tiny Houses?

Nomas Tiny House prices vary according to models and coating features. You can contact us at +90 530 936 60 92 for the most suitable Nomas Tiny House price information.

Is Nomas Tiny House customizable?

Of course! You can customize your Tiny House according to your needs and budget, choose between coating alternatives, and even receive it with or without a trailer, coated or uncoated.

Can Nomas Tiny Houses be used in 4 seasons?

Nomas Tiny Houses can be used easily in 4 seasons of the year by using insulation layers suitable for harsh climatic conditions and temperature changes.

How do I provide heating and cooling?

Nomas Tiny House is delivered with 12.000-16,000 BTU air conditioner infrastructure as standard. Optionally, alternative heating systems such as wall-mounted radiators, underfloor heating or a cooker can be provided.