About us

With our head company, APEC Smart Steel Structures, we are transforming our 15 years of experience in the steel industry into sustainable and minimal designs. As Nomas Tiny House, we create trendy and innovative living spaces with the power of advanced engineering and high production capacity we get from Apec.

Nomas derives its name from the word nomad, which means “nomadic”; takes its inspiration from free and independent souls who choose to live wherever they want, without being tied to a location, without being stuck in stereotypes.


  • Nomas Tiny Houses, which offer location-independent, minimal and customizable living and experience spaces, are produced by our expert engineers and design teams with our advanced technology and high quality principles.
  • You can choose from our models that we design and produce in accordance with different needs and expectations, and we can plan the design and production processes together so that you have the tiny house of your dreams.
  • As Nomas Tiny House, besides our turnkey projects, thanks to our high production capacity, we are also a business partner for manufacturing companies in the production and supply of chassis (steel carcass).